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Holguín to Implement III Improvement of Education (+Photos)

Photo: Edilberto CarmonaThe province of Holguin will implement the 3rd Improvement of the National Education System the next school year 2017-2018, which will involve all educational levels.

The new system seeks to adapt methods, styles and programs of study in tune with changes in society, the development of science and the rapid technological development. It highlights the role of students, the family and community in this process.

Likewise, its implementation includes the work in network and the components of the contents of the Education that allow the comprehensive training of students from the general education.

The Day Care Center Amiguitos de la Paz, the boarding school Dalquis Sánchez, the High School Oscar Ortiz, Luis de Feria Garayalde Polytechnic School and the Le Thi Rieng Special School, located in the Popular Council Pedro Díaz Coello, in addition to the Pre-university Luz Palomares, are part of the new project.

Since these months, directors, methodologists, teachers in charge of each teaching levels, as well as the selected educational centers are ready to welcome the new transformations and enrich the process with their experiences, which will be assessed at the end of the 2017-2018 and then generalized by 2020.




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