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Farmers Day in Holguin: Reasons to Celebrate (+Photos)

Photos: Juan Pablo Carreras and Elder LeyvaFarmers in the province of Holguin are celebrating their day this May 17 with good results in production of crops such as tobacco, surprising yields of 1.67 tons per hectare, coffee, cocoa, honey and fruit farms ranked among the best ones in the country.

There are more than 40,000 members of the Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the territory, who produce more than 80 percent of the agricultural lines established here, strong and exemplary people whose demands are almost always related to how to improve their work for food production.

Despite the ravages of climate change and difficulties faced in 2016 due to resource constraints, actions implemented in agricultural cooperatives allowed to meet the commitments, especially from the attention to the political and productive movements developed within the sector.

In this sense, more than 19.9 million liters of milk, 12,980 tons of pork meat, 102,000 tons of viands, vegetables and grains were sold to the Industry and Commerce, which still far from satisfying the demand of consumption in the province show an increase with respect to previous years.

According to producers, the agroecology, phytopathology, entomology and plant health have contributed to achieve these results. They also recognize the role of women in management positions and working the land.

Farmers are also celebrating their Day with communities renovated, miles of rural roads improved, new shops, clinics and schools rebuilt with the effort of cooperative members.

On Wednesday 17 the first baby born in each territory, where there are municipal committees of the ANAP, will receive a layette made and donated by peasants and farmers in this province.

During the celebration women and men of the countryside will have to walk hundreds of kilometers of roads and highways, from various regions of Holguin, to reach the beautiful landscape of Cebolla, deserved point of meeting and celebration for those who produce, innovate, bet on the young and work to rescue their traditions.








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