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Holguin to Host Expoambiente 2017 Event

Photo: Lisandra CardosoThe city of Holguín will host from May 25 to 26 the first edition of the event “Expoambiente 2017”, which aims to exchange views on matters related to the protection of the environment in the territory.

Norkys Ochoa, a specialist in this branch in the northeastern territory, said that the event will address issues such as community and environmental management of Pinares de Mayarí and confronting climate change from the knowledge of its effects.

The agenda also includes symposiums where participants will present their achievements and good practices in social and economic development, taking into consideration the protection of nature.

According to Ochoa, the meeting also includes collateral activities such as the exhibition and sale of ornamental plants, the presentation books and posters on environment, as well as the projection of journalistic works related to the topic.

The event is part of the initiatives of the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment to protect the natural wealth of the eastern territory, which has a wide variety of endemic species, including the dwarf cactus.

Holguin has nine community centers for environmental education, institutions that promote the protection of the environment through scientific events, workshops, educational talks, referring to the conservation of nature. / ACN

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