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Holguin Strengthens Surveillance of Coastal Areas

Photo: Arnaldo Vargas CastroCuba, a long and narrow archipelago, has had to step up efforts to avoid at all costs criminal acts to be committed in maritime or coastal areas.

This coastal defense, in addition to the armed institutions, has the support of popular forces that have gained experience in confronting illegal departures of people, the location of vessels to possible infiltrations or entry of armaments into the country, or detect drugs coming in by sea, as well as avoiding damages to flora and fauna through the surveillance system, among other new illegalities intended to be introduced by those who underestimate Cuba´s defensive capacity.

Gerardo Batista García, experienced in confronting illegal acts, said that “these actions can complicate life if they are not prevented, as well as create social evils that would be difficult to eradicate and even would put at risk the stability of our country.”

Batista resides in the community of El Ramón, in the municipality of Antilla, “we have been taking care of this place even long before the wide investment project for tourism being carried out in this entire north coast. As long as there are revolutionary people, we will not allow the enemy to overshadow our lives. "

In order to continue exercising these popular forces called "Destacamentos Mirando al Mar", Holguin started the 12th Joint Operation Committees for the Defense of the Revolution- Border Guard Troops, which includes preparedness exercises on confronting criminal acts in coastal areas, with the participation of inhabitants of each place.

Destacamento-Mirando-el-mar.jpg"The surveillance group “Mirando al Mar” is made up of people from the communities who work in their free time, often under complex atmospheric conditions or risk to their lives, without any kind of remuneration, which shows a high sense of belonging to their community and the country,” said Soraya Igarza González, coordinator of the CDR in the province.

In addition to the young people who join these groups every year, highlights the women presence, "they are of different ages and family or work responsibilities, but they work hard in the fulfillment of the duties contracted with the preservation of the area and the struggle against illegalities that some foreign people commit for their own benefit.”

The Joint Operation involves people of the seven coastal municipalities of this northeastern province of Cuba, where life, environment and the achievements of the Revolution are protected.

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