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Holguín Winemakers Produce Medicinal Wines from Exotic Fruits

vinos3.jpgThe Bayado Club of Winemakers of the province of Holguín has been manufacturing since 2014 a unique handmade wine of blackberries, exotic fruit native to Europe and regions of North America, known for its medicinal properties.

Ignacio Díaz, the main wine producer, explained that this plant provides antioxidants to the human body, which helps to reduce the risk of cerebrovascular diseases, one of the main causes of death in the eastern territory.

He explained that blackberries are used as a complementary treatment to regulate the presence of cholesterol in the bloodstream, to favor digestion and body levels of vitamins A, C, and potassium.

Blackberry wine is obtained from the maceration of the small fruits of the Rubus deliciosus species, one of more than 300 existing in the world, which has adapted to clay soils and tropical climate, said Díaz.

He said that producers use other species with healing properties such as the red majagua flower, used to treat patients with asthma and older adults with arthritis and other chronic rheumatic conditions.

The Winemakers Club Bayado was founded in 1994 and its flagship product is marañón wine, with which is held every year in October the Brindis por America, during the Ibero-American Festival dedicated to these drinks.

This group also promotes the manufacture of wines from usual raw materials, including tropical fruits and spices, such as pepper, papaw, aubergine, orange and tamarind.

Blackberries are species of flora also known as brambles, known for their use in medicine, gardening and the production of natural colorants. / AIN

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