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Danny Glover Tours Fidel Castro's Birthplace (+Photos)

Photos: Javier Mola HernándezUs actor and human rights activist Danny Glover visited the Historic Complex of Biran, which houses, among other properties, the birthplace of Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.

Danny-Glover-02-en-biran.jpgIn his tour of the complex, Glover learned about the history of the Castro Ruz family before and after the triumph of the Revolution. Essential was his presence in the Rural School No.5 attended by the majority of brothers Castro and the house built for Fidel, although he did not live in it.

Danny-Glover-03-en-biran.jpgIn the rural school, the US activist expressed interest in the photographic collection of the different schools that contributed to the education of the Cuban leader, his last visit in 2003 and his early interest in knowledge, while in the house of the Commander he knew on the history of the property.

Regarding the place occupied by Cuba and Fidel in his life, Glover said: "Fidel has been present in me since I was very young. I knew on his struggle when I was young, so I feel that I am experiencing here something that grew with me and what I have been fighting for. I feel great commitment and admiration for the work of Fidel and the Cuban people."

Danny-Glover-07-en-el-icap3.jpgBefore his stay in Biran, Danny held a meeting at the headquarters of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) in Holguin with American university students who are on an exchange visit in this eastern province.

In the dialogue the young people were interested in what they can do from the United States to improve the relations between both countries. In this regard Glover recalled the commitment to support just causes anywhere in the world.

"You can influence the different groups, in churches, workplaces, in all possible places to mobilize American society, the objective of visiting this country is to see and learn from ordinary citizens," he said and insisted in the possibilities that young people have to exchange through different internet platforms to tell the truth of what they experienced in Cuba.

In his tour of several provinces such as Sancti Spíritus, Camagüey, Santa Clara and Holguín Danny Glover is accompanied by his wife Elaine Cavalleiro and James Early, a prominent American intellectual and political activist.

Throughout the island they exchanged with young people, artists, members of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) and members of the National Assembly on the Cuban reality and how to advance in the relations between both governments, while emphasizing in the necessity to lift the blockade imposed to the island.

Of these meetings he said: "Cuban youth have much to show the world and although I have come several times here, I still learn.

With an artistic career of more than two decades in the US film and television, the actor traveled from Holguin to the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba to pay posthumous homage to the eternal Commander of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro and the National Hero José Martí, in the cemetery of Santa Ifigenia.

More photos of Danny Glover Visit to Holguin





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