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Science at the Service of Society in Holguin

hg9.jpgThe implementation of some 300 environmental projects in various spheres of society distinguished the activity of professionals from the territorial delegation of Science Technology and Environment in the province of Holguín in 2016.

In this sense, the development of a procedure that contributes to the diagnosis of the coastal area in the Cuban municipalities of Baracoa, Holguín, the southern region of Mayabeque and the Havana seawall was the first step taken in order to know the characteristics of each one of the flood events registered in these areas and predict future consequences.

The creation of a network with 15 observation points in the North and South coasts to estimate the magnitude of the waves in extreme weather events are among the main contributions of the project, indicators that served as point of reference for the meteorological stations after the passage of Hurricane Matthew across the eastern region.

It also highlights the renewal of the environmental strategy that for the next five years will lead prevention, protection and sanitation actions in this northeastern territory, exposed to a heavy pollutant load that have led to the deterioration of the sanitary condition.

The rehabilitation of soils, maintenance of oxidation ponds, treatment of manual and mechanized landfills, as well as the planting of timber and fruit trees will be some of the actions to be implemented until 2020 in order to preserve environment

Likewise, the different entities that constitute sources of pollution have been implementing measures for their reduction, among them the installation of a biological incinerator in the Vladimir Ilich Lenin hospital, as health centers are the ones with the highest bacterial load to the environment.

As for social and humanistic sciences, researchers have been working in the integration of 13 variables to be carried out by the Group of Demographic Studies that include population aging, birth rate and the role of youth in each of the social processes managed.

Consistent with the premise of using science as a means of public good for the benefit of society by 2017, these specialists will face as main challenge the insertion of the Holguin scientific pole in the production chains through the thematic lines of food production, tourism, industry management and the health sector.

Having achieved important national and international prizes such as the Academy of Sciences award to several of its professionals and the Century International Quality ERA 2016, granted in Geneva, Switzerland, to the Holguín Magazine back up the work of these men and women of science. / AIN

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