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Holguin Geominera Exports Zeolite

zeolita-holguin.jpgThe production of 5 900 tons of zeolite in the first quarter of 2012, of which more than 4 409 were exported to nations such as Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela, are some of the achievements with which the Holguin Geominera basic business unit attended the 13th Trade Fair ExpoHolguín 2012.

“These figures show an increasing consolidation of the presence of this mineral in the regional market, alongside an increase in customers and our business experience,” said the engineer Juan Carlos Badia Saiz, head of this business entity.

Geominera Holguin exhibited in the Fair new services and products including powders for use in children and toiletries, which are for sale in national markets.

This time the Holguin company competed for the Quality Award in Microlit, a new zeolite based derivative used in the production of detergents, both in Cuba and in European countries.

Saiz Badia acknowledged a slight increase in demand for leading products such as Fertisol the Zoad and Zook, in the domestic market, while regretting that the agriculture system remains behind in terms of using the so called mineral of the century.

“Our greatest concern now is to arouse interest among businessmen in the country,” said the specialist.

The country has four major sites of zeolite, based mainly in the provinces of Mayabeque, Villa Clara, Camaguey and Holguin.

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