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Update: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 - 14:37
Holguín Homeopathy Center Extends Health Care

Read more...The Provincial Center for Homeopathy and Herbal Medicines in Holguin province provides medical care to over six thousand people each year, with drugs obtained from minerals, animal or plant tinctures manufacturing.

Hotel Paradisus Rio de Oro Nominated to the 2015 World Travel Awards

Read more...The hotel Paradisus Rio de Oro, from the northeastern province of Holguin, together with other five Cuban facilities, were nominated to the 2015 World Travel Awards, which acknowledge the excellence of tourist services and are considered the Oscar awards of tourism, according to Cubatravel, the website of the Cuban Tourism Ministry.

Holguin Assesses Biological Risks at Key Ecosystems

Read more...The Center for Research, Environmental and Technological Services of the Cuban province of Holguin implements a project aimed at assessing the risks faced by the biological diversity at the key ecosystems of this northeastern region.

Holguin Doctors Back Home After Fighting Ebola in Africa

The Holguin doctors, members of the Henry Reeve Brigade who fought Ebola in Liberia, arrived in this city on Sunday after spending six months in a risky mission to save the lives of those people afflicted with the disease.


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