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Holguin Contributes to the Study on Coastal Areas

Read more...The development of a procedure that contributes to the diagnosis of the coastal area in several Cuban cities, is one of the main researches carried out by the Meteorological Center of Holguin.

Holguin: University Students Condemn the Blockade on Cuba

Read more...Under the slogan "The blockade hurts the people of Cuba" and "Avispero contra el bloqueo,” university students in Holguin held a day of denunciation of the most absurd and genocidal act against the people of Cuba.

Terrosist Act of Boca de Sama: Patriotism vs Terrorism

Read more...The coastal town of Boca de Sama, in the Cuban municipality of Banes was on bed on the night of October 12th, 1971 when the peace of the place was broken by an attack of a terrorist gang, on board two pirate boats coming from Florida.

Power Services Restored in the Cuban Municipality of Moa

Read more...The over 24 000 clients in the municipality of Moa, in Holguin province, that the extreme winds of hurricane Matthew cut them from power are already receiving electricity services.


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