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Update: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 - 14:24
Holguin Boosts Use of Solar Power System

Read more...The setting up of an air conditioning system based on the use of solar photovoltaic blankets in the Mining Institute of Moa, will help to expand the use of sunlight as a renewable energy source in the province of Holguin.

Holguin Youths Hold Event on Jose Martí

Read more...The José Martí Youth Movement in Holguin province is holding an event devoted to the link between the thought of the National Hero of Cuba and current reality of the island.

Holguin Doctors Help to Fight Ebola in Africa

Read more...Of the 256 Cuban professionals sent to Guinea-Conakry, Liberia and Sierra Leone to fight the epidemic of Ebola in Western Africa, 8 are from the eastern province of Holguin.

Holguin Reports an Increase in Winter Tourism Operations

Read more...Holguin province receives about 12 percent of tourists arriving in Cuba each year. The 2014 winter tourism season, from November to April, opened in this eastern territory with a greater number of rooms in Playa Pesquero resort.


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