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Holguín, Cuba
Small Hydroelectric Plant About to Be Finished in Mayari

Read more...The small hydroelectric plant built in the way out tunnel of the reservoir of Mayari River is about to be completed, said Roberto Pupo Verdecia, the director of the Engineering Services Company, joint to the Water Diversion Projects.

Holguín, Cuba
Efficiency, Production, Quality Mark Factory of Cylinders in Banes

Efficiency, production and quality mark the factory of cylinders in the Cuban municipality of Banes, in Holguin province. The Company of Mechanical Production - named Hermanos Calzadilla – exceeded the sales plan for the first half of the year with over a million 59 thousand 700 pesos.

Holguín, Cuba
Adrian Sablon Ronda, the Hero of Cuba's Grain Barn

Read more...Adrian Sablon Ronda lived his childhood like any other Cuban country boy. He liked riding on horseback, playing with two bottles which he yoked like two oxen, playing marbles, going to the beach. Also having ice-cream, eating sweets... In fact, no difference to any other kid that shared toys and school; the difference came later, when he grew up.

The Carnival Can Already Be Heard

Read more...The carnivals Holguin 2016 will delight locals and visitors from today until next Sunday, in a festival that gathers the family around a traditional summer event each year.


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