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WHO Announces First Ebola Vaccine Tests in DRC

Vacunas-experimentales-ebola.jpgThe World Health Organization (WHO) has today said that it is set to test the first global vaccine against Ebola in Africa, second outbreak of which is currently affecting the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

'Preparations are ready. We can potentially launch there an immunization campaign in a week, if all conditions are met,' Dr. Peter Salama said, executive director of WHO's Health Emergencies Programme.

The vaccine can be a pioneer as against the so-called Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), unsafe so far, and previous epidemic (2013-2016)in which recorded 29,000 cases and 11,300 people died in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Peter Salama admitted that there is no approved vaccine against this disease to date, but WHO fortunately has a promising prototype, reserves in which can be sent to the DRC in a matter of days 'whether authorities approve it.'

The DRC government has recently announced that some specialists have detected new Ebola-affected people in an area of Bajo Uele, 1,000 kilometers northeast of the capital, Kinshasa. It has been the eighth Ebola outbreak in the country since 1976.

WHO acknowledged the death of the first three Ebola patients after the outbreak detected on 22 April, and reported that there have been 18 suspects since then.

EVD, formerly called Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is up to 90-percent mortal. So, it is pretty dangerous for humans, being contracted from wild animals.

The incubation period ranges between 2 and 21 days, and the symptoms are the follows: fever; acute weakness; muscle, head and throat aches; followed by vomit, diarrhea, rashes, kidney and hepatic failure; as well as internal and external bleeding in some case. / Prensa Latina

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