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Cardiovascular Diseases, First Cause of Death in Holguín

enfermedades_cardiovasculares_1.jpgCardiovascular diseases are now the leading cause of death in the Cuban province of Holguín, followed by malignant tumors.

For almost five years, cancer disease was the most common cause of death in the eastern territory, with a higher incidence in age groups under 29 years of age (4.1) and predominance in those under 10 years.

Dr. Odalys Martha Escobar Pérez, coordinator of the Cancer Program in the Health Directorate in Holguín, explained that, nevertheless, the municipalities of Rafael Freyre, Banes, Antilla, Báguano, Cacocum, Frank País and Mayarí report tumors as the first cause of death, that is, in half of the territories of the province, of more than one million inhabitants.

She noted that there was a decrease in cancer diseases. For example, buccal cancer was reduced to 36.1 percent, breast to 44.9; colon, 28.2 and cervix, 13.3, while reporting an increase in prostate cancer.

In the case of men, prostatic carcinoma, trachea broncho-pulmonary (TBP) and intestine predominate, and in the case of women, TBP, breast and cervix.

In this territory of eastern Cuba, the first 10 causes of death include more than 82 percent of the deceased and the epidemiological profile of what causes deaths are non-communicable diseases.

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