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Holguín: Lenin Hospital Marks 52 Anniversary of Foundation

hospital-lenin-hlg.jpgThe Holguín university hospital Vladimir Ilich Lenin will celebrate from the 7th to the 11th November its 52nd anniversary of foundation with a wide program of activities with founders, workers and people in general.

The celebration will begin on November 7 with the lying of a floral wreath to the bust of the Leader of the World Proletariat in the lobby of the health institution, followed by the official opening ceremony in its theater.

The agenda includes an intergenerational meeting on November 8th, with the participation of founders of the hospital, medical students and workers, as well as the presentation of the book “Realidad de un sueño” (Reality of a dream), by local writer Ventura Carballido Pupo.

The volume, published by Editorial Verde Olivo, narrates some of the most significant events of the first graduation of doctors and stomatologists by the nascent Revolution of 1959. The group was invited to the inauguration of the "Lenin" and then left for the Turquino Peak, where they graduated with the presence of the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The Scientific Day for the event will take place on November 9 and 10, according to Dr. Divis Nubia Vázquez Rogena, general secretary of the Party Committee at the institution.

"There are more than a hundred works to compete, which will be presented in eight rooms of the teaching block of the hospital. The outstanding PhDs in Science Pura Avilés and Agustín Mulet will open each of these sessions with lectures, both correspond to the results of studies carried out by them in their respective specialties in this center. "

Vazquez announced that celebrations will conclude on the 11th of November, with the delivery of the Lenin Prize in its ninth edition in care, technical and nursing categories.

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