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Holguín Marks World Heart Day

healthy-heart.jpgOn World Heart Day, September 29, health authorities call to drive actions in order to prevent risk factors that can lead to heart attack or stroke, which each year claim the lives of about 20 million people worldwide.

For more than four decades, heart diseases have been the leading cause of death in Cuba, although since late 1990s there has been a slight decline they still report 40 percent of mortality rate.

In Holguín, 22 percent of cause of deaths are due to heart diseases, becoming the second cause of death for almost five years in this province, with a population of more than one million inhabitants. Other causes of death are malignant tumors and cerebrovascular diseases.

In order to reverse this health problem, preventive measures are a cornerstone in the matter, since most of the heart diseases are closely related to unhealthy lifestyles and diets.

That's why the advice of specialists to promote healthy lifestyles, including maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding foods with saturated fats; prevent obesity, physical inactivity and perform systematic physical exercises from very early ages.

It is also advisable to know the blood pressure and check it at least once a year; reduce the drinking of alcoholic beverages; controlling hypercholesterolemia (increased blood cholesterol) and diabetes mellitus; increase potassium intake through vegetables, avoid smoking, stress, practice yoga and music therapy.

Another element to be considered and one of the most important risk factor in cardiovascular disease is age, because as people age, they're increasingly living with risk factors, while scientific studies reveal that certain cardiovascular diseases may be hereditary.

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