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Plasmapheresis Favors Health Indicators in Holguin

Donaciones-sangre-hgyu.jpgThe plasma donations received by the Provincial Blood Bank of Holguín are intended, in addition to meeting hospital needs, to satisfy priority demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Plasmapheresis is a procedure to separate the red and white blood cells and the plasma from the blood that is then returned to the donor´s body without the latter component, which the body quickly replaces.

According to Mayra Cabrera Pupo, head of the Plasmapheresis program, so far this year the program is progressing satisfactorily with an 85% execution of the plan. At present, efforts are being made to increase the number of donations and to add new donors to the programs, to guarantee the health of the population. There are three machines for plasmapheresis that work from Monday to Saturday, which allows processing about 20 donations daily.

Among the medicines obtained by blood plasma are Albumin, normal or specific immunoglobulins, Interferon, Transfer Factor and others that if they weren´t produced in Cuba would have to be imported at a cost close to 300 dollars a unit.

Next year, work goals are coming on as new companies for blood products enter into production, which implies an increase in all plans, especially those of plasmapheresis, which contribute so much to the production of medicines.

Cabrera said that it will enter into operation new machines for obtaining plasma and that there are currently has about 250 regular donors, who provide free of charge the valuable component twice a month, a figure favorable to health indicators in the territory. / ACN

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