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Foreign Delegations to Attend Health Union Conference

Photo: AINAbout 600 delegates and national and foreign guests will attend the First National Conference of the Health Workers Union, to be held on June 9 and 10 in Havana.

The event was officially announced in Holguin by Dr. Santiago Badía González, general secretary of the union of the branch, who gave the flag to the delegation that will represent this province in the meeting.

Delegations from England, Argentina, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic will be among the participants to the conference, as well as workers from the sector who serve in Venezuela, Ecuador, Haiti and Swaziland, on behalf of Cuban health workers who provide assistance in 64 nations of the world.

Badía González said that quality of services in the sector will be the main topic for debate in four working commissions and the plenary session of the First Conference of that organization.

The opening day, delegates will meet in four commissions to discuss the functioning of the trade union organization, ethics, values and political and ideological work in working groups, as well as rational use of resources and efficiency of services based on the quality of patient care.

He added that the agenda also includes a plenary session at the Lázaro Peña Theater at the headquarters of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC).

The Health Workers Union in Cuba has more than 472,000 members, including doctors, nurses, technicians, retirees and self-employed.

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