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Holguin Reports Low Infant Mortality Rate

bebes.jpgHolguin is among the Cuban provinces with the lowest infant mortality rate in children under one year, closing 2016 with 3.8 per thousand live births, according preliminary reports of the Department of Statistics of the Health Directorate in this northeastern region of Cuba.

Holguin, with more than one million inhabitants, maintains that important indicator below the national average of 4.3.

In 2016 the province reported 10,724 deliveries, about 500 less than in 2015, a decrease in the birth rate that has been practiced for almost a decade.

The main causes of death were mainly related to congenital malformations, which correspond to 25 per cent of the deaths; as well as hypoxia, anoxia and asphyxia and infectious diseases.

There was a decrease in low birth weight in relation to the previous year by less than 88 and live births underweight in mortality.

In 2016, health authorities in the territory implemented actions aimed at addressing the high levels of population aging and to encourage fertility and the birth of two or more children. One example is the attention to the infertile couple through consultations with about 8 000 patients treated.

The High Technology Center in the province assisted 189 couples with in Vitro Fertilization, where 14 pregnancies were achieved.


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