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Holguin Health Workers Praised

centro-ataxia-cirah.jpgFor their contribution to scientific knowledge, four professionals from the Center for Research and Rehabilitation of Hereditary Ataxia (CIRAH) in Holguin won the Annual Health Award 2016, granted by the Ministry of Public Health to scientific results that offer answers to the country's health problems.

The recognition ranks the CIRAH in a prestigious position in the country, as the only entity of science and technological innovation of the territory in the health sector.

The laureates in the categories of applied research and scientific articles were the doctors Luis Velazquez Pérez, with two prizes; Roberto Rodríguez Labrada and nurses Yaimé Vazquez Mojena and Yanetza González Zaldívar.

The occasion also served to congratulate students, workers, teachers and graduates of the Faculty of Medical Sciences Mariana Grajales, who on Thursday December 22 celebrated its four decades of founding.

During the celebration the Holguin health workers also paid tribute to the maximum inspirer of the development of Cuban public health, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

The Mariana Grajales University of Medical Sciences of Holguin has graduated more than 27 000 professionals and technicians from Cuba and the world.

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