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Bolivian Musicians Sing Cuban Nueva Trova Movement's Classics

Photo: Prensa LatinaBolivian duet Negro y Blanco will offer a concert on September 16 in which they will sing some classics of the Nueva Trova Movement, organizers announced today.

Considered among the most outstanding trova singers in Bolivia, Mario Luis Ramirez and Christian Benitez will sing songs composed by Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanes at La Luna Pub Music Bar, in La Paz.

During the concert, the musicians will sing romantic and introspective songs from the album 'Testimonios tres y cuatro', as well as pieces of the Savia Nueva and Sui Generis national bands.

With a trova and simple style, the CD also covers different genres such as rock, blues, folklore and ballad.

The duet features songs by Silvio Rodriguez, a representative of the Nueva Trova, a movement emerged in Cuba in the 1960s shortly after the triumph of the Revolution.

During their professional career, the artists presented themselves successfully in European and Latin American stages.

They supported Silvio Rodríguez in 2003 during the concert the author of 'El necio' offered at the Tahuichi Aguilera Stadium, in Santa Cruz department. / PL

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