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Festival Promotes Cultural Exchange and Latin American Music

grafica-musica-cubana.jpgThe 6th Festival ''Un puente hacia La Habana'' (A bridge to Havana) seeks to foster the Cuban musical heritage, while boosting the work of young artists and cultural exchange with other countries, said coordinator of the event Luis Robaina.

The event, dedicated to Colombia and running until May 14th, includes concerts in Havana, Villa Clara, Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Artemisa.

Colombian artists Daniel Baute and Manuel Medrano, as well as Cuban artists Adrian Berazain, Ernesto Blanco and Pedrito Calvo are invited to the event.

The performances of the festival include famous songs by participants as well as new musical productions and Juan Formell´s songs mixed with the vallenato and other rhythms, as part of the homage to the renowned Cuban musician.

The organizing committee of the event announced that a great concert with various groups is expected for next festival in 2018. / PL

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