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Holguin Children Pay Homage to Fidel Castro

Photo: By the authorThe Provincial Encounter of Cantorías in Holguín held this November 19, became one of the first tributes to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution on the first anniversary of his death.

The event, which takes place each year under the auspices of the Music and Entertainment Company, was held at the headquaters of the Ronda de los Sueños Children's Company, directed by the teacher Grisel Velázquez, who has planned several presentations in homage to the Commander in Chief.

cantoriaHH3.JPGThe event was also attended by other local companies directed by prestigious musicians from various cultural institutions of the territory, such as the Orfeón Holguín and the Rodrigo Prats Lyric theater.

The Spanish Ballet Company Monica Dance and Mago Ayala joined the homage. By decision of its organizers the event will be held each November in homage to the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.


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