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Over 20 Countries to Participate in Ibero-American Culture Festival

Fiesta_Iberoamericana.jpgMore than 150 artists and intellectuals from 21 countries will participate in the 23rd Iberoi-American Culture Festival to be held in Holguin, Cuba, from October 24th to 30th, organizers said today.

The event includes performances of various artistic expressions as plastic arts, dance, films and music, amid others.

Participants will come from Colombia, Spain, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, United States, Dominican Republic, Chile, Canada, Nicaragua, Angola, Congo, Lesotho, Uganda, Cambodia, Iran and Italy.

Eduardo Avila, director of the House of Ibero America and president of the organizing committee, said in a press conference that the 23rd festival will be focused on Local Development and Cultural Industries.

Various activities in the program will pay homage to Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez, on the anniversary 75th of his death, Ernesto Che Guevara, on the 50 years of being killed in combat, and the 525 years of the cultural encounter amid two cultures in the region. / Prensa Latina

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