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Gibara and its First International Film Festival

Photo: Juan Pablo CarrerasThe 1st International Film Festival of Gibara, scheduled from 15th to 21st of April, will join the proposals of the Provincial Film Center of Holguin and the Municipal Cultural Department of the coastal municipality.

Gibara Welcomes its 1st International Film Festival

This first edition of the event will mark the 200 anniversary of Gibara, with several activities and theoretical events with the participation of architects of the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana.

Participants will share their experiences on the architectural heritage preservation process to apply it to the historic center of Gibara, a city declared a National Monument which also integrates the indicative list to be considered a World Heritage Site. In line with this objective, will be designed public good campaigns based on the preservation of the environment and heritage.

Culture authorities from Gibara are working to maintain the community activities within the framework of the First International Film Festival. The town of Velasco will also become the venue for the event with tours of its Culture Center for its inestimable architectural value and the newly inaugurated Cultural Center Velasco of Egrem, which will host diferent activities.

The festival is intended to revive the Film Festival of Caverns, emerged from the Non-budget Film Festival founded by Humberto Solás, with film screenings in the traditional cave.

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