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Holguin Marks its 265th Anniversary as a City

semana-cutl.jpgThe city of Holguin will hold from January 16 to 21 the 35th edition of the Culture Week dedicated to local poet and cultural promoter Gilberto Seik and Hiram Pérez, historian, promoter of the creation of museums and the conservation of patrimonial heritages.

One of the most important activities of the agenda is the 37th edition of the studies on Wars of Independence to be held at Casa Natal Museum of Calixto García, from January 17th.

The event also includes the 31st edition of the City Prize, which is convened in the categories of Decima, Storytelling, History, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Promotional Communication, Radio, Print Press, Television, Architecture and Video to encourage the artistic movement of Holguin.

Moisés Anazco, a member of the Organizing Committee, announced that the event will mark the 265th anniversary of the designation of Holguin as a City and Government Possession and the 135th anniversary of the founding of the La Luz, the first newspaper created in Holguin to promote Holguin´s culture.

The Traditions Fair will be held in the portals of the Manuel Dositeo Aguilera Culture Center with the presence of amateur artists and members of the Bayado Winegrowers Club, who will make available to the public their productions for the most popular wine selection.

The event will include conferences on local development and cultural industries, performances by art instructors, the 31st edition of the City Hall in the Art Center, the grand concert on the eve of the 265th anniversary of the granting of the City Title and Possesion of Government and the recognition to the outstanding personalities of the city.

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