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Cuba Remembers Barbados Crime Victims

Barbados_2.jpgActivities to remember the victims of the mid-air explosion of a civil Cuban aircraft off the coast of Barbados in 1976 has begun today with a march to the Colon cemetery in this capital.

The Crime of Barbados, as it is known in history, continues today without punishment for its authors, that's why students, workers, athletes, militaries, members of the civil aeronautics and people in general will demand justice for this violent action supported by the United States.

Some 73 passengers, among Cubans and foreigners, and crew were killed in the tragic event, occurred 41 years ago.

The 24 members of the Cuban fencing team, who competed successfully in the I4th Central American and Caribbean Championship of that sport, a contest based in Caracas, Venezuela, were among the passengres who died in the abominable attack.

The fencers of the Caribbean nation were proclaimed champions in that tournament, after winning eight titles in dispute, so they returned home victorious.

The crime was orchestrated in Caracas, Venezuela, by two Cuban-born terrorists Luis Posada Carriles and Orlado Bosch (already deceased), who employed Venezuelans Hernan Ricardo and Freddy Lugo.

These mercenaries -captured and sentenced to 20 years in prison- complied with the mission of placing the bombs or C-4 bombs inside the airplane.

Although Cuba did not have concrete evidence at the time to officially accuse the U.S. government, its participation in some CIA documents, declassified in 2005, was demonstrated.

Due to the pain caused to the relatives of the victims and the whole nation, this date was declared on the Caribbean island in 2010 as the Day of the Victims of State Terrorism. / PL

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