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First Portuguese Construction Firm in Mariel Zone

Read more...“The Engimov Caribe S.A., which is the first Portuguese company approved in the local Especial Developing Zone (ZEDM), will look for accompanying the socioeconomic progress of Cuba through a highly prioritized sector like the construction one. “ Its representatives reaffirmed.

U.S. Cruise Liner "Empress of the Seas" Arrives in Havana

Read more...The cruise liner "Empress of the Seas" arrived in Havana for the first time on Sunday, becoming the second vessel from the U.S. company Royal Caribbean to arrive on the island.

Cuba honors Humboldt 7 martyrs

Read more...The 60th anniversary of the murder of four revolutionary youths outside number seven, Humboldt Street, Havana, was commemorated this April 20.

Cuba Hosts International Meeting for Peace without Military Bases

Read more...To reaffirm Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace and denounce the danger of increasing military bases around the world, more than 300 experts will gather from May 4 to 6 in Guantánamo, Cuba.