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The Legacy of Che Guevara, 50 Years Later

Che-Guevara-580.jpgHis enemies find it hard to believe that Che Guevara toured the region of Latin America on a motorcycle, taking the pulse of poverty, asking for weapons to defend Guatemala from Árbenz and joining a group of young people led by Fidel Castro.

A doctor and a fighter, Che earned the respect of his companions, he even taught some of them. He considered Latin America as his native country. Santa Clara was the last bastion of the Tyrant. He fought house to house. The troops commanded by the Heroic Guerrilla gave a mortal blow to the Batista dictatorship of Cuba in the 1950s.

Designated president of the National Bank of Cuba and Minister of Industries, Ernesto "Che" Guevara had to enter a world in which his constancy was providing him with knowledge. Many are the anecdotes of his visits to factories, his volunteer work and the conversations with workers.

His speech at the UN is still remembered. He diagnosed the mistakes of socialism in the defunct Soviet Union and debated Economics without self-sufficiency. He lived on the Caribbean island the crucial moments of Playa Girón and the Crisis of October, when American Imperialism wanted to put an end to the Cuban Revolution.

He went to battle in El Congo, where a diamond was worth more than a human being. He went to Bolivia to create a front that would help the awakening of the Southern Cone. The exploitation in the confines of the Pachamama was equal to the one that he knew in his early years. He spent 11 months on Bolivian land, fighting an army backed by the United States.

A denunciation led the events of La Quebrada del Yuro. The murderes took him to the school of the Higuera, where he was questioned until the order to assassinate him came from Washington.

Time was relentless and he totally redeemed it. We can see his image in a tattoo of a Swedish girl or in the pullover of a West Point cadet; in Plaza de la Revolución José Martí or in the slogan of Cuban primary-school children: "We will be like Che!". He died with a star on his forehead.

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