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Cuba Hosts Meeting of Lat Am Network of People with Disability

discapacitados.jpgAbout 200 delegates from Latin America, Spain, Canada and the United States are participating today in the 6th Conference of the Latin American Network of Non-Governmental Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and their Families (RIADIS), based for the first time in Cuba.

Under the motto "Latin America inclusive in unity, development, peace and hope", the event is organized by the Association of Cubans with Physical Motor Limitations (ACLIFIM), among other entities.

The event includes in its program the International Congress on Inclusion and Development in Latin America and the Sixth Assembly of the Latin American Network of Non-Governmental and Social Organizations.

According to RIADIS president, Ecuadorian Ana Lucia Arellano, one of the objectives of the meeting is to make progress in Latin America and the Caribbean in the effective inclusion of people with disabilities from united and coordinated work among organizations, governments and other actors in the region.

She parallel stressed Cuba's attention to people with disabilities, recognized throughout the region, because despite the limitations of resources, the work carried out by ACLIFIM is unique in Latin America.

Based at the Conference Center in Havana, the event will be held until Friday, March 17th. / PL

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