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Cuba is Going Through Severe Drought

presa-zaza-cuba-03.jpgZaza, the largest reservoir in Cuba, has only accumulated 15 percent of its total volume, due to the serious drought currently affecting the central region of the island, official sources reported today.

Yusliady Lorenzo Coca, deputy technical delegate for Water Resources in this province, explained to the news agency Prensa Latina that the reservoir currently has 147.96 million cubic meters of water, way below its total capacity, which is 20 million cubic meters.

The Zaza reservoir is an important source of water supply for agriculture and cattle raising, as well as for domestic and industrial use, in the province of Sancti Spiritus and in the whole Cuban central region.

Sancti Spiritus, one of the territories with more reservoir capacity, has only accumulated 18 percent of its total capacity, estimated at around 1.3 billion cubic meters, according to a report by the Company of Aqueduct and Sewer System.

The document also said that around 104,700 inhabitants from 55 communities in the province have been affected by the drought.

According to the Meteorology Institute, Cuba is going through the so-called period of scarce rainfall (November-April), with a deficit of accumulated water that has affected especially the central area and the provinces of Las Tunas and Guantanamo. / Prensa Latina

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