The Two Faces of Technology

  • Written by Karla Álvarez, Arlenes Tamayo, Lilian Susel Ayala, Dayami Monjes y Humberto Cedeño
  • Category: Photo story
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Life passes while you look at the mobile. The influence of social networks on people is a serious issue for today's society. Although, technological advances in communication have made life easier for people, today, the telephone has become the center of our lives and addiction to new technologies is such a result of negligence.

La Melba, Where Nature Reigns

  • Written by Elder Leyva
  • Category: Photo story
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Inside the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, in the Plan Turquino of Holguin, there is a community called La Melba, where nature reigns, and man, silent, can only observe and be surprised.

In the Deep Waters of Guardalavaca

  • Written by Yasmany Silva (colaborador)
  • Category: Photo story
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Guardalavaca is one of the best known beaches in Cuba and the most popular in Holguin. But the beauty of its sands has continuation in the submarine depths of its coasts. With these photos we are starting a series about the world that hides under the waves of Guardalavaca. These photos were taken by the diver Yasmany Silva.

Longing for Holguin

  • Written by Carlos Rafael
  • Category: Photo story
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Holguín, recognized as a city in 1752, erects its most recognizable symbols between Libertad and Maceo streets: the park circuit that is crowned with Loma de la Cruz. In addition, its urban circuit has been extended by adding new architectural icons such as the Calixto García Stadium.

Slippery climb

  • Written by Elder Leyva
  • Category: Photo story
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Ability, intelligence and resistance are qualities required for those who decide to participate in the Palo Ensebado competition. It is not easy to climb to the end. In the first moments the climb becomes difficult because of the slippery of the climb and the height of the beam.