• Written by Elder Leyva
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There are moments that generate good feelings, looking at the sunset alone, as a couple, in the company of relatives or watch as a lens professional to take an excellent snapshot, it is the way that connect us with inner peace, the complement of a good day or the forecast of a night full of secrets.

Biodiversity and Tourism

  • Written by Carlos Rafael
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Biotur 2018, the only biodiversity and tourism event in eastern Cuba, was held in the Villa Blanca de Gibara, in the north of the province of Holguin.

New School Year Begins

  • Written by Elder Leyva y Alexis del Toro
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The 2018-2019 school year started this September 3 in Holguin with an enrollment of more than 163,690 students, distributed in 1,290 institutions of different levels of education.

Ocean floor

  • Written by Alexis Del Toro Hidalgo
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Marine bottoms of the north coast of the province of Holguín, in the east of Cuba. These underwater beauties are found in the diving area of the Guardalavaca spa, in the municipality of Banes.

Indocubano Museum Baní: An Encounter with the First Inhabitants

  • Written by Carlos Rafael
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The  Indocubano Museum Baní, located in the coastal town of Banes in Holguin, just 33 km from the tourist resort of Guardalavaca, preserves a rich testimony of the ancient aboriginal cultures of that area, the only one of its kind in Cuba and The Antilles.