Contemporary Dance of Cuba

  • Written by Jorge Suñol Robles
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How does young person of these times consider a rhythm that emerged in the 30s of the last century? This can be a recurring issue before entering the scene, the theater.

Summer Season in Antilla

  • Written by Jorge Suñol y Alexis del Toro
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The summer season already began in the Holguín municipality of Antilla with several recreational and cultural options.

Giant African Snail in Holguín

  • Written by Lourdes Pichs Rodríguez
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After the finding on May 23, of the African giant snail (CGA) (Lissachatina fulica) in the community of Certeneja, located about 15 kilometers from the city of Holguín, the action plan foreseen for its control was implemented to avoid the propagation of that dangerous mollusk, whose presence was identified for the first time in Cuba in 2014.


  • Written by Carlos Rafael
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A replica of the Ax of Holguin is carried to the top of Loma de la Cruz..

Guardalavaca Carnival

  • Written by Luly Legrá Pichs
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An option for recreation on Friday nights is offered by the delegation of the Ministry of Tourism in Holguin, with the tourist Carnival in the most popular beach in this eastern territory, Guardalavaca.