Truth or a visa: The New York Times spreads lies about Cuba and Venezuela

  • Written by Manuel Henríquez Lagarde
  • Category: Opinion
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After the New York Times confirmed that a truck carrying “humanitarian aid” was burned by opposition thugs - not Venezuelan security forces – someone alerted me that this unusual favor offered by the corporate press, publishing a well known fact, was a way to develop legitimacy around the issue of Venezuela and that I should be ready for the next lie that would not be long in coming.

Reasons to Say Yes to the Constitution

  • Written by Rodobaldo Martínez Pérez
  • Category: Opinion
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Just a few simple questions in search of reasons that justify approving the constitution of the Republic of Cuba, this February 24, so historic for the country.

The Anti-Cuban Mafia and the Hypocrisy of the “Humanitarian” Aid to Venezuela

  • Written by M.H.Lagarde
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Amid the psychological warfare of attrition unleashed by the U.S. against Venezuela, some of the most notorious leaders of the Anti-Cuban mafia landed on Sunday in the Colombia city of Cucuta.

Great Revolution in Sports

  • Written by Calixto González Betancourt
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It is impossible to measure or evaluate in figures what was contributed by the Cuban Revolution in sports and physical culture in terms of health, recreation, physical and well-being, joys, emotions, dignity and national pride. This is the case in Holguin, as in the rest of the provinces. It is also difficult to list the oportunities and so many resources made available to the general population and their sporting talents.

Cubans, Made up of Solidarity

  • Written by Nelson Rodríguez Roque
  • Category: Opinion
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Before learning that tornadoes can not be predicted. I knew about these events after watching documentaries, films or TV news. Their chaotic spirals were to me "something from another place".