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Cubans, Made up of Solidarity

  • Written by Nelson Rodríguez Roque
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Before learning that tornadoes can not be predicted. I knew about these events after watching documentaries, films or TV news. Their chaotic spirals were to me "something from another place".

Rich People Add Millions, Poor Cut Income, Study Says

  • Written by Redacción ¡ahora!
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While billionaires have increased their wealth at a rate of 2.5 billion dollars a day, the incomes of the world' s poorest half of the population fell 11 percent in 2018, a specialized source said on Monday.

The Cost of the United States’s Embassy in Jerusalem

  • Written by Ana Teresa Badia
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The United States’ embassy in Jerusalem will cost 20 million dollars more than what was announced by the president Donald Trump. It has been already invested 400 thousand dollars in the remodeling of the consular building which already existed in the thousand-year-old Israeli city.