New Cultural Center to Open Soon in Gibara

  • Written by Rosana Rivero Ricardo
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The ancient ruins of the former warehouse of the Ministry of Internal Trade re-emerge as an attractive Cultural Center in the coastal city of Gibara, in Holguín, whose opening is scheduled for next July 7, with the start of the 15th International Film Festival of Gibara.

Holguín Municipality Holds Workshop on Community Social Work

  • Written by Yanela Ruiz González
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The First National Workshop on Community Social Work, attention to diversity and local development takes place on Friday at the Municipal University Center of Báguanos (CUM), belonging to the University of Holguín.

Holguín Shows Effective Use of Renewable Energy Sources

  • Written by Darianna Mendoza Lobaina
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The use of renewable energy sources shows its feasibility in the province of Holguín according to data issued about the photovoltaic solar park operating in Yuraguanal, in the municipality of Freyre.

Cubatur in Holguín Exceeds Financial Income

  • Written by Nelson Rodríguez Roque
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The company Cubatur in Holguín exceeded in 2018 the financial income for that stage, while this year the plan in values is at 98 percent, despite the restrictions of the US government against Cuba.

Investments to Increase Food Production Continue in Holguín

  • Written by Ania Fernández Torres
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"The investments related to food production will not stop. We will overcome this economic situation and we will continue advancing, "said Salvador Valdés Mesa, first Vice President of the Councils of State and of Ministers of Cuba in his tour of agricultural areas of the province of Holguín.