Sierra de Nipe Treasures Endemic Species

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The Sierra de Nipe in the province of Holguin is considered by many botanists as the second most important center of evolution of Cuban flora, which treasures more than 1,300 plant species, of which 740 are endemic and 88 are exclusive to this eastern mountainous region.

Holguin Prioritizes Protection of Coastal Ecosystems

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The protection of the coastal ecosystems of the province of Holguin is a priority for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in the eastern territory, as part of the implementation of the Tarea Vida Plan.

Holguin Implements Heritage Protection Project

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The implementation of the plan for the protection of documentary heritage in the face of natural disasters is part of the initiatives developed in the province of Holguin for the hurricane season, which extends until the first of November.

University of Holguin Bets on Better School Year

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To strengthen the University of Holguin (Uho) as an institution in search of excellence is the main objective of this Center of High Studies in the current school year, whose official opening took place at Plaza de la Revolucion Calixto Garcia, in the city of Holguin.