Holguín Doctors in More than 50 Countries

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The Holguín medical collaboration extends to 51 countries with 2,500 health workers, including doctors, nurses and technicians from 80 medical specialties and 37 non-medical specialties.

Education Sector and Legal Institutions Sign Agreement in Holguín

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Next to open in September the specialty of Technician in Law, the Provincial Office of Justice, the Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Holguín, the People's Provincial Court and the Education sector signed here a joint work agreement.

Neighborhood Debates on the Helms-Burton Act Held in Holguín

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Convened by the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, residents of the Popular Council Pedro Díaz Coello, on behalf of the people of Holguín, met with the politician and writer Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada to debate about the Helms-Burton Act.

Holguín Workers Involved in Elaboration of Plans and Budgets

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Human resources in Cuba acquire greater prominence in the production and service processes because, besides being fundamental for the realization of such indicators, it now has more participation in establishing the plans and budgets of the entities.

To Conserve the Flora and Fauna in Moa, a Challenge

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The territory of Moa, located in the easternmost area of Holguín province, treasures a vast flora and fauna and mineral deposits.