East-West Water Transfer Benefits Holguin Agriculture

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The East-West water transfer, a major hydraulic project carried out in Cuba, currently benefits the Holguin municipalities of Mayarí and Cueto, where its waters are used for agricultural development.
To date, in these areas, with large-scale planting of crops, more than 2, 700 hectares of land belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture have been irrigated, of which around of half have use value.
According to data provided by the Guatemala Agricultural Company, there are 31 central pivot irrigation machines and 14 furling systems in these lands, while working in the installation of 10 more of these systems in the aforementioned municipalities.
The water supplied by the East-West transfer, now is in its third stage of construction, has contributed to increase the production of grains, mainly rice, with an average harvest of 4,2 tons per hectare.
It has also helped to increase the production of beans and corn, which until the end of last November increased their production from 377 and 889 tons, respectively, with respect to 2011. / ACN

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