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Holguin Implements Heritage Protection Project

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Archivo historia
The implementation of the plan for the protection of documentary heritage in the face of natural disasters is part of the initiatives developed in the province of Holguin for the hurricane season, which extends until the first of November.
The project is carried out in institutions in charge of safeguarding the ancestral customs and traditions of the territory, including the Historical Archive, which also contributes to the compliance with the Guidelines approved in the VII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Zenaida Reyes, director of the entity, pointed out to the Cuban News Agency that the main measures include the transfer of the oldest documents to the Botanical Garden of the city, the Integral Mountain Station in Pinares de Mayarí and the Ismaelillo Theater.

This plan, she said, allows protecting these funds from the 15th to the 18th centuries in the face of intense rains, strong winds and other phenomena caused by high intensity hurricanes.

She explained that the project also includes the digitization of books, minutes and other documents, referring to the constitution of the Hato San Isidoro de Holguin and the sugar industry in eastern Cuba.

Reyes stressed that among the most valuable collections are the notarial protocols of the eighteenth century where the establishment of the square and housing systems of the first inhabitants of the city is established.

The Historical Archive of Holguin was founded in 1983 with the purpose of organizing, preserving, and disseminating documentation of historical or permanent value.

Each year, it provides services to approximately two thousand users in matters such as internal loans, development of information search tools, issuance of certified copies of documents and references. / ACN

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