Holguin Medical Center, a Work of the Revolution

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Lino and José Pérez are two sibling patients with permanent residency at the Modesto Fornaris Psychopedagogical Medical Center in the province of Holguín, as part of the programs of the Cuban Revolution for the benefit of people with mental retardation.
These patients, 60 and 62 years old respectively, have been making their lives in the health facility for more than 20 years, with the support of the specialists at the facility, located in the Vista Alegre district of the provincial capital.
Natives of the municipality of Banes, Lino and José are among the 180 patients treated under the internal and semi-internal system in this health care center, who receive comprehensive rehabilitation to help improve their quality of life.
According to Dr. Elsa Rodríguez, medical treatments applied include hydromassages, parallel bars, rubber ladders, weights and fixed bicycles, aimed at improving the quality of life of these patients.
These techniques and procedures contribute to alleviate the effects of infantile cerebral palsy, quadriplegia and paraplegia, including muscle rigidity and peripheral balance disorder, pathologies that are also trated in the institution, Rodriguez added.
The rehabilitation also includes complementary subjects such as music, art and labor education, where the disabled learn everyday activities such as combing, sewing, knitting, embroidering and tearing, according to their physical and mental conditions.
Niurka Rodríguez, mother of a patient of the health center, praised the human quality of the workers and the progress of her son through skills acquired in the therapeutic gym, one of the departments of the unit. / ACN

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