Gibara: Audiovisual Project Preserves the Work of Humberto Solas

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The project " Voces del Audiovisual " for children and young people from Gibara, Holguin province, honored the continuity of the legacy of Humberto Solas in the recently concluded International Film Festival of Gibara.
Its director, Lazaro Garcia, explained that the project emerged on the initiative of the museologist Barbara Lopez, who in 2010 managed to make a reality Solas’ dream to encourage audiovisual creation from an early age.

Lopez said that her main objective is to achieve a path of leisure and learning, where young people enter the audiovisual world from the game to not neglect the essence of childhood.

About 20 children and adolescents between 9 and 19 years of age make up this project with more than 10 materials made, including documentaries, fiction short films and promotional spots.

It stands out the documentary " Niños del presente ", which collects the testimonies of several children from Gibara that tell from their perspective their experiences before the fury unleashed by Hurricane Ike in 2008 and the alternatives they found to keep the joy, Lazaro said.

He added that the work was dedicated especially to the children of Haiti, as a message of support to those who often suffer from natural disasters and epidemics such as cholera.

Regarding audiovisual production, he explained that they always summon the people of Gibara, the protagonists par excellence of their works, and perform auditions where children direct the selection process from their role as producers, cameramen, directors or scriptwriters.

Isac Garcia, a 15-year-old project founder, thanked the opportunity of being part of this project since he was seven years old and added he has grown not only in knowledge but also as a human being, from the interaction with many other people.
The website Liba Jibá is one of the main achievements of "Voices of the Audiovisual.

The Romerias de Mayo in Holguin and the Gibara International Film Festival are some of the events that welcome this project each year.

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