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Gibara Premieres Documentary Dedicated to Humberto Solás

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The documentary “Humberto Solás. Virtuosity and Excellence,” by filmmaker Manuel Jorge, was premiered at the Jibá Cinema during the opening gala of the 14th International Film Festival of Gibara that takes place in this coastal town of Holguín.
During its presentation, Sergio Benvenuto, co-founder of the Non-Budget Film Festival along with Solás, said that 2018 is a very special year, as 10 years have passed since the filmmaker's physical disappearance.

"It’s a great honor to close the gala with the screening of this documentary. We are very grateful to Manuel Jorge, who has done a very interesting work on Solás, by reviewing all the film materials that have been made. He has sought, with the distance of ten years, a way to get closer to the renowned Cuban filmmaker,” said Benvenuto.

Manuel Jorge added that the documentary was produced by order, from the original idea of Jorge Perugorría, president of the Gibara Film Festival, and Benvenuto himself, in recognition of Solás.

The well produced documentary comprises a compendium of interviews carried out in different moments of Humberto Solás professional career.

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The tour of his extensive filmography, which include classic films such as Lucia, Cecilia, Manuela, El siglo de las luces, Miel para Oshún and Barrio Cuba, is made through the testimonies of his sister Elia Solás and actors and actresses who were part of his cast on more than one occasion, as Raquel Revuelta, Eslinda Núñez, Adela Legrá, Isabel Santos and Jorge Perugorría.

Controversial facts of his life and work as being considered the filmmaker who wasted the most money in his productions, his disagreement with the fact of not being able to narrate contemporary Cuban reality, his love for the city of Gibara, his role as a pioneer in the use of digital cinema in Cuba and the founding of the Non-Budget Film Festival, are some facts reflected in the documentary.

After concluding the presentation, Manuel Jorge said it was very difficult to condense in 27 minutes the work of Solás. However, "the production team worked with love, honesty and great respect to that man who will always be one of the greatest of Cuban cinema of all time."
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