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May Day Parade
May Day Celebrations in Cuba: United in the Construction of Socialism

Read more...Millions of Cubans marched on May 1st through squares across the country, united in the construction of socialism and with the aspiration of the present and future victory of the working class in power.

Civilian Workers of Defense, Outstanding Participation in May 1st Parade

Read more...The May 1st parade in Holguin concluded with the results of the competition between the different blocks. On this occasion, three best blocks were selected according to the magnitude of the sectors and a comprehensive union, which was the block of Civilian Defense Workers.

May Day in Cuba: Lessons for Unbelievers

Read more...The news that all our major squares were full of people this May Day, like it or not to the enemy, is an act of reaffirmation to Socialism.

Holguin Marched in Support of our Social Project

Read more...With a day of joy and commitment, which is multiplied throughout the country, Holguin workers and people in general celebrated the International Workers Day in the Revolution Square Major General Calixto Garcia.





Cubans Show their Support for Venezuela

Read more...Hundreds of thousands of Cubans showed on Friday their support for the Venezuelan people and Revolution at the main rally for International Workers Day at the capital’s Jose Marti Revolution Square.